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The Sugar Queen

Kylie is a cake designer, a baker and a sorcerous in the kitchen.

Kylie’s delicious passion and creativity comes from a combination of two ingredients found in her backyard, on the doorstep of Tropical North Queensland; sugar and fruit.

Sugar has been a big part of Kylie’s life with her husband being a third generation sugar cane farmer and their lives being immersed in the tropics – fruits have always been something that felt like home. When looking at Kylie’s life, it seems it was inevitable that the two would eventually be infused in the magic created in the kitchen.


Fruit Infused Sugars

Combining all-natural sugar and fruits from Australia – Sugar Queen has no added colours, flavourings or preservatives making it the perfect pantry staple.

All Natural

Derived from Nature’s Sweetest.

Tropical Fruits

Picked from the depths of the Tropics.

No Additives

Nothing was needed to be added to produce this sweet experience.

Sugar Queen Packaging

Sugar Queen Fruit-infused sugars

So versatile and you get what you see 100% fruit and sugar.


Add butter you’ve got buttercream perfect for a sweet frosting.


Add milk or water you’ve got icing to top a beautiful cake.


Add egg whites you’ve got meringues for any special occasion.


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