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4 Pk of Passionfruit Fruit Infused Sugar


My range of fruit flavoured sugars made with 100% Australian freeze-dried fruits are the “must-have” addition to your pantry. Limited only by your imagination the sugars can be used for buttercream, frosting, or icing cakes, dusting for pancakes or biscuits.

Combining all-natural Australian sugar with the sweet tang of passionfruit. A taste of Far North Queensland from my kitchen to yours. With no added colours, flavourings or preservatives Sugar Queen sugars are the perfect pantry staple.



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My PASSIONFRUIT fruit flavoured sugar is the wild one of the bunch – it has an exotic flavour that feels a little naughty. This sugar has a super tropical feel to it and is the perfect way to stand out with your baking as a unique flavour that is hard to match.
  1. Add butter to make a delicious buttercream or frosting.
  2. Add water or milk to make icing for cakes or cupcakes.
  3. Use in your favourite biscuit or macaron recipe.
  4. Sprinkle on pancakes, waffle, biscuits or cookies.


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Additional information

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